What is LIFC?

Little Island Furcon, LIFC for short, is Singapore’s very own furry convention (or “furcon”) where we celebrate what being a furry is about! Furries, both local and overseas, come to this annual convention for a time of fun activities, meeting fursuiters, and hanging out with furry friends.

LIFC was born out of a passion for the furry community in Singapore. With over five years of experience hosting community events, Scalarius recognised that the time had come for a furry convention. Gathering a dedicated team, plans for LIFC were set in motion in 2018, leading to the first LIFC in 2019.

However, 2020 posed an unforeseen challenge as the pandemic disrupted plans for LIFC that year. In response, 2021 saw the emergence of LIFC Online, or LIFCO for short. LIFCO is an online convention organised by Decro, then co-chairperson. Over the course of three LIFCO events, the furry community continued to thrive, eagerly anticipating the return of in-person conventions.

2023 marked the comeback of LIFC, and Scalarius, having paved the way, graciously passed the torch to Decro as chairperson. Today, LIFC boasts a unique dual-convention setup: LIFCO, our online gathering at the start of the year, and LIFC, our cherished in-person event in the middle of the year. This history reflects our commitment to fostering furry connections both in-person and online.

What Happens At LIFC?

At LIFC, you’ll find the Dealers’ Den where furry creators sell art prints, commissions, merchandise, and more! There will be various games to be played, along with presentations and workshops on furry topics. After that, be sure to meet our Guest of Honour at our meet & greet session! And let’s not forget to say hi to all your favourite fursuiters! It’s a big party with something for everyone.

Be sure to check out our event schedule for all the juicy details!

For Parents

Is your child attending LIFC? Rest assured, the furry fandom is generally a safe and inclusive space that encourages creativity and self-expression! LIFC is a chance for your child to explore their artistic side, make like-minded friends, and find out more about themselves.

We prioritise the safety and enjoyment for all our attendees and have set some guidelines to ensure that your child will be safe in a positive and supportive environment.

LIFC is a 13+ event. Attendees below the age of 18 will require a consent form, and attendees below the age of 15 will need to be accompanied by a guardian at the convention. We will refer to your age on the first day of the convention, 6th July.

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What Happens At LIFCO?

You can find out more about LIFCO here!