The Dealers’ Den is a bustling marketplace where artists, creators, and vendors showcase and sell their furry-themed merchandise. Check out the dealers here, and be sure to drop them a visit during the event!

Dealers' Den Map

(1) Salmon Shack

A bunch of Singaporeans said to the salmon that he, too, can sell 3D printed things to fund his second trip to Singapore.

Selling: 3D Printed Pins, Products and Commissions

(2) Yellow³ Creations

We are Yellow³ Creations, a Singapore-based team looking to serve little sparks of joy through fun illustrations.

We offer custom illustrations for personal or commercial use, as well as cute themed lifestyle products and decorative items.

Selling: Charms, Sling bags, Pouches, Keychains, Stickers, Custom commissions, YCHs

(3) Cashew's Furs and Flea Market

“Day 270: Held captive since LIFC2023 in a small cage by LIFC’s team. Must sell furry merchandise at Cashew’s Furs and Flea Market to escape. Offering keychains, prints, stickers, and on-the-dot commissions🐕 (help me) ((please help me”

Selling: On-the-spot sketch commissions, keychains, prints, stickers

(4) SnepCrafts

Want physical stickers of your sona? Or want a badge printed and laminated? Or perhaps interested in some customisable 3D printed keychains and tags? Orrr, you wanna spice up your sona’s look with some fursuit glasses?

We got you!

Selling: Made to order custom stickers, made to order custom badges, made to order fursuit tags, fursuit glasses, pronoun tags, consent tags, subtle pride keychains

(5) Kitsune Shrine

Kitsune Shrine is a local Fursuit Maker who will be offering fursuit parts, fursuiting essentials and accessories, as well as merchandise such as but not limited to: keychains, stickers, acrylic badges, on-site art commissions, and much much more! See you at Dealer’s Table #5!

Selling: Fursuit Parts (Hand Paws), Fursuit Parts (Tails), Fursuit Parts (3D Printed Teeth & Claws), Fox Plushie-Bags (Inari’s Avatars) Fursuit Accessories (Bandanas), Badges, Keychains, Stickers, On-site Art Commissions, Fursuit Sprays, Fursuit Essentials (Slicker Brush, Balaclava, Belt)

(6) luckydawq + pacmackle

Luckydawq offers stickers of your favourite dogs to adopt at an affordable price, and other fan merch as well. On the furry side of things, Pacmackle offers digital art commissions for your beloved fursona. This will be my first booth at dealer’s den, so come and say hi!

Selling: Stickers, commissions, prints, badges, pins, keychains

(7) SharkTuna

Hi I’m Jam/SharkTuna! I draw Arknights, Pokemon and other misc furry stuff! I’ve got charms, stickers, enamel pins, prints and probably some other stuff i’m forgetting. Hope you drop by and take a look for yourself! Maybe I’ll have commissions open too

Selling: Charms, Stickers, Prints, Enamel Pins, Totebag, Acrylic Standees

(8A) Aisha

i’m a waredog who sells wares!!!! for coin!!!! and also i will draw u… i also have shirt and sticker book comms!

Selling: Commissions, prints, stickers, sticker books, shirts, tote bags, keychains, badges, clear holders

(8B) crowiaa

Creator of cute critters and colourful merch! You’ll find cute animals, Pokemon, Arknights, and food art, among other original merch

Selling: Deskmats, bags, pass cases, washi tapes, enamel pins, prints, commissions

(9A) Animagus Studios

Animagus Studios is a fursuit making studio, offering merchandise specially designed by Kibawolf from Singapore, ranging from T-shirts to fursuit accessories such as collars and eye masks. Handpaws are coming in a huge range of design and colors for you to choose from.

Selling: T-shirt, Collars, Fursuit paws, Lanyards

(9B) PlaceboSkies

The 1968 Singapore Employment Act clearly states “little rat may sell little art for little money as a treat 🥰”

Selling: Commissions

(10) Cadenza Studios

Cadenza Studios offers bespoke fursuit accessories, personalized art commissions, and a variety of furry merchandise. Elevate your furry experience with our custom creations tailored just for you!

Selling: Standees,commissions, pins, stickers , pocket bandanas, keychains

(11) Not a Maid Cafe

A somewhat troublemaking Raccoon gets put in a Dealers’ Den to display and sell his merchandise for the first time. And he’s NOT a Maid.

Selling: Commissions, Prints, Standees, Stickers

(12) Dessert Animal

Dessert Animal features a trio of furry artists, Sherbet (@masterblader191), Marshmallow (@Aphrodi1212) and Pop2hotzz, selling fanmerch from Five Nights at Freddy’s, Night in the Woods, Kirby, Zelda, Bluey and original art that spreads good vibes! We also offer cute fluffy sketches by Marshmallow.

Selling: Prints, Keychains, Stickers, Flip Keychain, Standees, Cards, Wooden Pins, Sketch Commission

(13) Krycelite

Self-taught art hobbyist who enjoys bringing imagination to life! As an astronomer by night, I like to blend celestial elements into my designs. I also draw Pokemon and Warriorcats a bit too much.

Selling: Selling: Keychains, Stickers, Prints, Commissions (Sketches)

(14A) Pwerry

Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow.
(hi, pwerry here. I draw commissions on paper or my ipad. I have stickers, t-shirts and prints and many more)

Selling: Commissions, Splatoon T-Shirts, Stickers

(14B) Soxbows

Hello~ I’m Soxbows! I adore cute, fun and quirky stuff! I’ll be offering traditional & digital commissions, prints, as well as stickers!

Selling: Commissions, prints, stickers

(15) toastysqxiid

Toasty, a Singaporean artist will be selling stickers & keychains from different fandoms, as well as digital & traditional commissions! Be it to browse our wares, or to just have a small chat, we hope you’ll pay a visit to your local pokemon & splatoon fan!

Selling: Keychains, stickers, commissions