If you’re new to the community, or you have friends or family members who are furries, you may be unfamiliar with what furries do. If you’d like to find out more about us, read on!

What Is a Furry?

At its core, being a furry is all about celebrating anthropomorphic animals.


Anthropomorphic animals! That’s when you combine human characteristics—such as human-level intelligence, the ability to speak, a humanoid pose and expressions—with an animal. The result? A wide range of furry characters like wolves and sharks, or even made-up creatures like dragons and gryphons.

Most furries create a furry character to represent themselves in this fandom, which we call a “furry persona”, or “fursona”. Some of us also have a costume of their fursona, which we call a “fursuit”.

However, it’s not necessary to enter the fandom with a fursuit or even fursona! Most furries in Singapore don’t have a fursuit, and some don’t even have a fursona. We’re all here to love and appreciate the art, the characters, and the community.

Why Furries?

Being a furry is about self-expression! It is common for us to embody personal traits in our fursonas through the animal species and physical traits. A furry who is incredibly loyal to his friends may create a German Shepherd fursona in casual clothes, whereas a furry who enjoys tabletop role-playing games may create a dragoness fursona with magical powers.

From there, we tell our fursonas’ stories through the art and stories we create. In the world of furries, we can be who we want to be!


LIFC is Singapore’s very own furry convention. Learn more about LIFC here.