To ensure everyone has a good time at Little Island Fur Con (LIFC), please take a moment to read through our Code of Conduct. Failure to comply may lead to expulsion from the venue, revocation of your con-badge, and potentially a ban from future conventions.

1.0 – General Rules

1.1 – Little Island Fur Con (LIFC) is hosted at a public venue. Attendees are reminded to display good conduct in line with the Code of Conduct, complying with both the Venue’s regulations and the laws of Singapore. While we respect that everyone has different values, please be considerate of others, including members of the public. Let’s give others a good impression of the fandom!

1.2 – Attendees are required to wear their badges at all times within the Event space. Attendees are also required to show their badges when asked by convention staff. Badges are personal and not transferable. Any attempt at forgery or trespass will be dealt with accordingly.

1.3 – Costume is not consent. Get permission from the person before hugging or touching them. No means no; respect their boundaries. Do not harass or coerce people into doing things they do not want. Stalking, sexual harassment, assault, and molest are serious offenses, and offenders will be handed over to the authorities.

1.4 – Hugs are nice! But please keep other displays of affection to the privacy of a bedroom. All badges must be Safe For Work (SFW). If you intend to display room signs and use any accessories, they must also be SFW.

1.5 – Take care of all property. Attendees will be liable for any damage caused.

1.6 – Clean up after yourself and do not litter. Dispose of trash in the appropriate receptacles. 

1.7 – Food is not allowed except in the foyer. Drinks should be covered – no open containers.

2.0 – Safety and Security

2.1 – Do not sleep in public areas. Get a room, please! Attendees found sleeping in public areas will be woken up and their well-being assessed.

2.2 – Smoking is strictly forbidden except in areas designated by the Venue. Note that e-cigarettes/vaping is against the law in Singapore.

2.3 – Consume alcohol responsibly. Limit consumption of alcohol to your room or at an establishment that allows it.

2.4 – Attendees are to comply with any instructions given by LIFC Staff, or uniformed security personnel of the Venue. 

2.5 – Singapore does not require specific COVID-19 measures at this point. Attendees traveling from overseas are encouraged to check their country’s guidelines. If you are feeling unwell, please wear a mask or stay home.

3.0 – Weapons and Props

3.1 – Actual weapons are strictly prohibited from being carried into the Event space, even as props. This includes all items on the Singapore Police Force’s controlled and prohibited items list, and any other item deemed dangerous by LIFC Security.

3.2 – Metallic props, even with edges blunted, are not allowed. Props with edges made from resin are also not allowed.

3.3 – Props made from any other material must have their edges blunted.

3.4 – Do not throw or fire any projectiles (i.e. Nerf) within the Event space.

3.5 – Do not point, aim, or direct your props toward anyone.

3.6 – Transport your props with care. Realistic props may cause alarm to the public and attendees are advised to use discretion by using covers or wrapping while transporting them.

4.0 – Dress Code

4.1 – Attire must be family-friendly at the event spaces and surroundings. Prohibited attire includes but is not limited to:

  • Skin-tight clothing (i.e zentai, spandex, latex)
  • Kink-associated gear (i.e pup hoods, harnesses, cuffs with attachment points)
  • Exposed underwear, even over a fursuit/costume

Generally, any article of clothing that indecently reveals one’s anatomy is not allowed.

Collars are acceptable if they are not shock or choke collars and are worn with a fursuit.

4.2 – The display and use of logos or symbols associated with controversial organisations and movements is prohibited.

4.3 – Costumes that resemble real military or law enforcement organisations should not cause people to mistake you as a member of said organisations.

5.0 – Fursuit Lounge

5.1 – Access to the Fursuit Lounge is allowed only for Fursuiters and Handlers.

5.2 – No Fursuit, No Badge, No Entry – Please have your Fursuit Badge on you or your handler to access the Lounge.

5.3 – Fursuiters are allowed only one handler in the Lounge due to space constraints.

5.4 – No photos or video recordings are allowed in the Fursuit Lounge.

6.0 – Media Policy

6.1 – Photos and videos may be taken and used by LIFC to post on our socials

6.2 – Other attendees will also be taking photos and videos. If you do not wish to be in their shots, try and stay out of the view of the camera.

6.3 – Please ask for permission before taking photos with fursuiters or people.

7.0 – All Rights Reserved

7.1 – LIFC reserves the right to remove any attendees found disregarding the Code of Conduct, or the instructions of LIFC or Venue staff. In the event of a removal, there will be no refunds for any convention fees paid.

7.2 – LIFC reserves the right to change the Code of Conduct when necessary.

7.3 – LIFC may make exceptions to the Code of Conduct for operational reasons.