We’re featuring the talented creators in our community! Submit your art and/or photographs, and selected pieces will be printed out in the conbook.

Be sure to follow the submission guidelines listed below.

Conbook submissions are now closed.

Conbook Submission Guidelines

  1. The conbook will be printed at A5 size at 300 dpi. While your submission will not take up the whole page, please ensure the image resolution is sufficiently high for printing.
  2. Please submit your art in one of the following formats: AI, PSD, PNG, JPG. If submitting AI or PSD files, please set it to CMYK mode.
  3. You must be an attendee in order to submit art, stories, music, photos, or graphic designs. If you have not already registered, check out the Attendee’s Registration Page.
  4. Only submit art or photos that you have created, or participated in creating.
  5. Art submissions: no AI-generated assets or images are permitted.
  6. Art submissions: if you are submitting traditional art, please ensure that you have a high-quality scan or photograph of the piece.
  7. You are encouraged to follow the theme for this LIFC. The current theme is “Bloom & Gloom”. We may reject your submission if we feel it strays too far from the theme.
  8. Please limit the credits to only 3 names at maximum. If you have more than 3 people collaborating on the piece, submit under a team name.
  9. Submitted content must be for general audiences only. NSFW or suggestive themes are not permitted.
  10. Your submission must be free of anything violent, hateful, political, or illegal.
  11. We reserve the right to reject submissions for any reason.


If in doubt, please check with the LIFC team by emailing us at [email protected]