Every year, LIFC’s events are run for the community, by the community! Have you been tinkering with panel ideas? Experimenting with some games you are dying to run? Put your theories to the test! Come host an event (or even multiple events!) for LIFC 2024 on 6 – 7 July 2024.

Whether you’d like to host a panel, social meetup, game, fursuit related activity or a whole new event type we’ve yet to experience, we want to hear from you!

Please note that applications to host LIFC Events will close on 6 April 2024.

Whichever event you submit for LIFC to consider, remember this important note: There is no guarantee at this point that any submitted event will definitely make it on to the schedule.

LIFC Panels and Events applications are now closed.

Panel and Event Hosts' Code of Conduct

  1. Your event must be free of any violent, hateful, political, or illegal content.
  2. No mature content is permitted for any event as LIFC is open to those aged 13 and above.
  3. Do be on time for your event! Event hosts must arrive at least 20 minutes before your time slot to set up. This way, if there are technical or logistical issues, we can help you resolve them before your event starts.
  4. While planning your event, leave sufficient buffer time in case your event takes longer than expected. For example, aim to run the event for 50 minutes if you have a 1-hour time slot. You will get a reminder to wrap up 5 minutes before the end of your slot if there is another event taking place in the room after yours.


Do you have any questions or feedback for us? Get in touch with our team via Telegram: @LittleIslandFC