Panellist Application

Panels are a great platform for you to present on just about anything. You can give an introduction to fursuiting, talk about photography, conduct a writing workshop, and more!

As a panellist, you will be assigned a time slot to present your panel. Laptops will not be provided, so do bring your own for the presentation!

Dealer sign-ups are closed for this year. Stay tuned for the next LIFC!

Panellist Code of Conduct

  1. Your presentation must be free of anything violent, hateful, political, or illegal.
  2. Your presentation must be rated 13+. NSFW content is strictly not allowed.
  3. Do be on time for your panel! We recommend that you show up 5-10 minutes before your panel’s time slot to set up your presentation. This way, if there are technical issues, we can help you resolve them before your presentation starts.
  4. While planning your panel, leave sufficient buffer time in case your panel takes longer than expected. For example, aim for a 50-minutes presentation if you have a 1-hour time slot. If your presentation exceeds the time slot, we will have to ask you to stop.

Last updated: 23 February 2023

If in doubt, please check with the LIFC team by emailing us at [email protected]