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Meet Daza, an accomplished fursuit maker from Indonesia. Daza has made a name for himself in the fandom for his exceptional skills, having assisted numerous furries worldwide in bringing their beloved characters to life. His fursuits have been showcased at prominent conventions such as JMoF, Furum, and Infurnity around the world, and we are thrilled to welcome him to LIFC 2023.

“Hi! I am Daza, a fursuit maker, cosplayer and artist. I have been making fursuits and their accessories since 2018 and it has been my passion to make high quality and unique fursuit. When I am not making fursuits, I am taking care of my two lovely dogs Bitzer and Fluffy. I am honoured to be the GoH of LIFC 2023, and I want to thank the organisers for letting me be part of a growing furcon, giving me the opportunity to connect with a larger international audience. I’m excited to contribute my artistry to such a colourful event!”


Look forward to meeting him at LIFC at his Dealers’ Den booth, the GoH meet and greet session, as well as throughout the convention! In the meantime, be sure to follow him on his socials!

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