Dealers’ Den

The Dealers’ Den is a bustling marketplace where artists, creators, and vendors showcase and sell their furry-themed merchandise. Check out the dealers here, and be sure to drop them a visit during the event! Check out our schedule for the Dealers’ Den opening timings.

aishajam’s banner


Trade Offer:
We Receive: your money
You Receive: various wares from a dog and a rat

Selling: commissions, prints, acrylic pins, acrylic keychains, stickers, coin pouches
AllThingsZany and JemiDove’s banner

AllThingsZany and JemiDove

Heyo! We’re 2 Singaporean artists, selling merch like keychains, stickers and prints!

Selling: commissions (copic markers), prints, keychains, stickers
Barang Barang’s banner

Barang Barang

Barang Barang crafts adhesive masterpieces, translating your artistic vision into customized stickers with a dazzling array of laminations and finishes. Immerse in our world where each creation transcends the ordinary, embodying a bespoke symbol of self-expression.

Selling: on-demand sticker printing
Daz Wolf Fursuit’s banner

Daz Wolf Fursuit

Our Guest of Honour, Daza, will be selling commissions and other merch at LIFC!

Selling: Commissions, keychains, stickers
DIA’s banner


Two silly artists who like to draw equally silly and cute things!

Selling: stickers of various fandoms (pokemon, night in the woods, arknights, etc), simple chibi commissions
KitsuneShrine’s banner


We’re KitsuneShrine, a Singapore-based Fursuit and Cosplay Crafts Maker. You can fine anything from pre-made fursuits and accessories, to keychains, art prints, and stickers made by us!

Selling: commissions, art prints, keychains, stickers, pre-made fursuits, fursuit accessories
PlaceboSkies’ banner


The 1968 Singapore Employment Act clearly states “little rat may sell little art for little money as a treat 🥰”

Selling: digital/traditional watercolour commissions
PWERRY’s banner


Pwerry is selling fanart splatoon and other game merchandise! :)

Selling: t-shirts, prints, stickers, and commissions
Rookie haz Wares’ banner

Rookie haz Wares

Made a whole bunch of fursuit bandanas a while back and just looking to peddle some off so I can make space for making even more stuff!

Selling: fursuit accessories
Tigras Decks & Queenie Shoots’ banner

Tigras Decks & Queenie Shoots

We are TigrasDecks! We create stories, comics and illustrations to enchant people.

Selling: art and story commissions, prints, badges.