Terms and Conditions

Code of Conduct

As Genting Hotel Jurong is a public venue, attendees are expected to display good conduct in line with the Little Island Fur Con (LIFC) Code of Conduct throughout the event, complying with both local laws and Genting Hotel Jurong's regulations.

Unless otherwise excepted by LIFC staff, the following is a code of conduct which applies to all attendees of LIFC.

  • Convention badges help us identify folks, and attendees are asked to wear them while within the event venue. Persons without their registered badge will be asked to leave the space to retrieve it.
  • Respect fellow attendees and staff regardless of fursuit, costume, or dress and do not hug, or otherwise touch a person or their stuff without permission. LIFC may revoke a badge if the situation involves more serious behaviours such as assault, molestation, stalking, or harassment.
  • The dress code within the event and the hotel venue (hotel lobby, corridors, etc) is safe-for-work. A non-exhaustive list of items not allowed include: Kink gear, body harnesses, exposed underwear (even over fursuits), etc.
  • In the interests of privacy, only fursuiters and handlers are allowed inside the fursuit lounge with both photography and videography strictly barred.
  • Please ask for consent before taking photos or videos with any visitors, attendees, or fursuiters.
  • Please smoke outside of con space and only in areas designated by the hotel.
  • Please limit alcohol consumption to the comfort of your rooms.
  • Help keep the event space clean and free of litter.
  • Please take care of Genting Hotel Jurong and LIFC property. Should any damages occur, responsible parties may be liable for it.
  • Sleeping in public areas is discouraged, persons appearing to do so will be awoken and their wellbeing assessed.
  • Attendees are to leave dangerous goods or weapons outside of con space. This also applies to props and replicas which could be mistaken as real weapons.
  • LIFC reserves the right to remove visitors or attendees not complying with the code of conduct.
  • LIFC reserves the right to apply changes to the Code of Conduct as needed.