About Little Island Furcon

Little Island Furcon or LIFC for short, is Singapore's very own Furry Convention where furries from all over the world can come together on this little island to celebrate our furry family. Started in 2019, LIFC is moving on to its second convention in 2020! We hope to see you here!

Little Island Furcon

LIFC 2019

From the LIFC 2019 Chairman…


On behalf of the LIFC team, I'd like to thank you all for attending and supporting our very first LIFC. You have no idea how much we, the staff, are really grateful for you. Like, the first few weeks from opening the registration, we were very nervous nobody was going to sign up.

But as we wrapped up the closing ceremony of LIFC, we had 150 attendees, 50 of which are suiters. And with your support, we have begun the plans for next year's convention. You're all a part of LIFC history, our very first con. Stay tuned for more updates for our event next year. We are in very exciting times.

I'd also like to thank all the con staff and volunteers who have worked together as a team to make this all possible.

Staff: Ace, Cheetahpaws, Decro, Junias, Kaiyoki, Kazuki, Leey, Rekir, Singha, Smyle, Yewnique, Zander

Volunteers: Altairaeon, Anakie, Ark, Cal, Chaz, Dark Lurker, Draakon, Elian, Evania, Fang, Gamma, Hollud, Jay, Kaffy, Kavala, Klarok, Laddy, Lotte, Lowri, Maka_mu, MxLexi, Nightphaser, Patih Jantung, Pawsry, Ping, Pinkie, Rareel, Rayray, Reverse, SAM, Samuel, Skye, Stormdrake, Tydir, Vee, Voidwalker, Xonorth, Gadzooks

And last but not least, I want to thank you once again for having faith and supporting us in our very first year. With that, let's turn the page on LIFC 2019, and write a new chapter for 2020.

Best wishes,

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